Stable Government Finances

I will continue to invest in improvements to ensure citizens have an open, accessible government with sound fiscal management. During my two terms, my leadership has helped the city return to stable finances through the 2008 financial crisis. 

Along with my fellow council members, we made the hard and responsible choice to cut the city budget, though it was difficult knowing the impact it would have on our workers and city services. Looking forward, I prioritized rethinking how to deliver services for cost savings and invested in technology to improve customer service to our residents.

I will continue to support:

  • Maintaining a balanced budget

  • Strategic Planning that aligns citizen priorities with investment

  • A three-year budget aligned with our strategic plan

Housing Options for All Income Levels

Our current and future residents needs and preference for housing are changing.  Many people want to live in Ferndale, but cannot afford it. The city needs to balance new types of housing options and price points so that people can afford to stay in Ferndale and not get priced out. Our seniors want to downsize, and stay in the community they love. 

I’m focused on:

  • New developments with price points that everyone can afford

  • Stronger enforcement on blighted and vacant properties

  • Accessible housing for older and disabled residents

  • Multi-family housing options (apartments, townhomes, condos, lofts)


A Safe & Healthy Community for All Ages

I believe in a community where people of all ages can easily live an active lifestyle.   Our parks need to be accessible for everyone: where kids can play, seniors can walk and exercise, neighbors can connect, and it is safe and easy to jog from one park to the next through the neighborhoods. I believe these investments are essential to building stronger, connected neighborhoods for families to thrive in Ferndale.

I will continue to support:

  • Safe streets for all users including pedestrians, cyclists and motorists

  • Implementation of the $2 million Parks Improvement Bond

  • 21st Century Policing, a program to strengthen community trust and collaboration, ensuring public safety through meaningful cooperation.


Growing Entrepreneurs & Small Business

Ferndale has a strong reputation for being business-friendly.  Entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to start up or expand in the city know they have a supportive city partner to connect to programs and resources that help their businesses grow.

I will continue to bring:

  • Balance to citywide entrepreneurship, business growth and development

  • Unique partnerships to enhance Ferndale’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to better support our small businesses.

Connecting to Communities

Ferndale has always seen the big picture –  we’re a small community that contributes to the overall regional prosperity in Metro Detroit. I will continue to focus her leadership to build bridges to and with adjacent communities. 

I will continue to support:

  • Regional mass transportation improvements and new investment

  • Stronger connections on Livernois and Woodward between Ferndale and Detroit

  • Supporting infrastructure improvements that cross borders into Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Detroit, and Hazel Park.

  • Planning ahead for autonomous vehicles.