Learn why I’m running for Mayor of Ferndale

I have been a tenacious and active city council member for the three terms Ferndale’s voters elected me. Read about my focus in Detroitist here!

Community Advocacy Recognition

 It was an honor to receive the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Honorary Affiliate Award in September 2019 for my nonprofit, community and neighborhood work in Ferndale and Detroit. Thank you AIA!

Champion of Safe Streets for Everyone

I championed Ferndale’s Complete Streets policy in 2010 and supported investment in the city’s first-ever non-motorized plan called www.FerndaleMoves.com. Ferndale was recognized by SEMCOG’s Regional Showcase Award in 2019 for this plan. I talk about connecting to our neighboring communities including Detroit.

Advocate for Cities at the State and National Level

I served on the Michigan Municipal League Board of Trustees for four years, serving 2018-2019 as Board President. I advocated on behalf of Ferndale at the state level along with cities across the state on many issues including on municipal finance reform. It’s a complicated an unsexy topic but extremely relevant to resident concerns that “the taxes are really high in Ferndale”.

As League President, I was invited to give a talk about the importance of municipal bonds building local infrastructure during Infrastructure Week in Washington, D.C. with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the National League of Cities. I spoke about the DOT project currently under construction in our downtown.



MML Pocast: Economics of Place

Jennifer Nichols was a main stage presenter at the Michigan Municipal League’s 2019 Capital Conference. Following her presentation, she sat down with Dan Gilmartin and Melanie Piana to recap some of the messaging insights she has learned over the years.

In a nut shell, culture shapes the way we all think about the world and can cause some messages to be misinterpreted. Nichols works with all types of organizations to help them frame messaging that fills in the blanks and encourages people to think more deeply about issues.

I love where I live!

Check out this Michigan Municipal League podcast on my story in Ferndale.