My Supporters

Through my 15 years in Ferndale, and my 10 years serving the community on City Council, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and earning the support of many individuals in and around the community.  I am proud to note the range of backgrounds of the individuals listed below; these are our neighbors, our friends, our purveyors of our daily needs and wants, and our trusted elected officials.

I have earned this support through active listening, hard work, and honest and open decision-making.

If you would like to add your name to this list, please click here.

Supporters from and around our community:

Ferndale City Council Members
Dan Martin, Mayor
Raylon Leaks-May
Julia Music
Greg Pawlica
Dennis Whittie

Former Ferndale Mayors & City Council Members
Dave Coulter, Former Mayor and Current Oakland County Executive

Mike Lennon, Former Council Member
Chuck Goedert, former Mayor
Bob Porter, former Mayor
Helen Weber, Former Council Member
Kate Baker, Former Council Member
Scott Galloway, Former Council Member

Officials from Neighboring Communities
Marian McClellan, Mayor, City of Oak Park
Mike Webb, Mayor, City of Hazel Park
Amy Aubry, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Hazel Park
Alissa Sullivan, City Council, City of Hazel Park
Kurt Metzger, Mayor, City of Pleasant Ridge
Ann Perry, City Commissioner, City of Pleasant Ridge

Ferndale School Board Members
Mike Davisson, Vice President
Jackie Hart, President
Anna Ibrahim, Trustee
Jennifer LaTosch, Trustee
Nan Kerr-Mueller, Secretary
Jim O’Donnell, Trustee
Kevin Deegan-Krause, former Ferndale School Board

Ferndale District Area Library Board of Trustees
Judeen Bartos, Board President
Kelly Gavin Farrah, Board Secretary
Adrienne Fazzolara, Board Vice-President
Amanda Hanlin, Library Board Member
Mary Reigle, Former Library Board Member

Downtown Development Authority Board Members
Jacki Smith, Board Chair, owner Candlewick Shoppe
Blake Scheer, Vice Chair
Nathan Martin, owner Ink Addict

Residents & Business Owners
Gretchen Abrams
June Axlerad
Christa Azar
Kate Baker & Geoff Blumenthal
Liz Bauer
Laura Bellamy
Chris & Tiffany Best, owners The Rust Belt Market
Todd Blankenship
Liz Blondy, owner, Canine to Five
Darcie Brault
Jeny Bulatovic, owner, Rouge Makeup & Nails
Chris Burkebyle, owner, Station 515
Mark Burton
Charlie Cavell
Sharon and David Chess, owner, Chess Roofing
Roberta Colville
Heather Coleman Voss, owner, Career Savvy Coaching
Brad and Kerri Dahlhofer, owners, B Nektar Meadery
Dan Davis, owner, Dan Davis Design
Jeannie Davis, Ferndale Seniors, President
Amy Davisson
Bridget & Kevin Deegan-Krause
Sean Drate
Denise Drach
Rachel Downs
Denise Ebels
Deena Kachadoorian
Kelly & Steve Kachnowski
Ginger Keaton
Nina Kelly
Michael Kruger
Brandon Garlow
Irenita Goedert
Lisa Goedert
Jennifer Giallombardo
George Gize, owner, Assagi
Michael Gordon
Robert Hart
Ann Heler, President, FernCare
Jill Jack
Carol Jackson
Krista Johnston
Kat Bruner James & Joshua James
Kat Latosch
Kim & Rob Lehman
Heather & Sandy Levine, owners The Oakland
Angela Marie Lippard & Paul Lippard
Christian Mueller
Julia Music, Ferndale Pride
Nathan Martin, owner Ink Addict
Carol Morency
Skip & Patti McLeod
Jay McMillan, owner Royal Cleaning Services
Lynn McPherson
Sam Moschelli
John & Emily Murray, owners Modern Natural Baby
Beth O’Connor
Frank O’Donnell
Judy Palmer
Jim Piana
Eric Rader
Mary Reigle
Oscar N. Renautt
Janelle Rogers
Jenna Parks
Rebecca Phoenix
Tony Phoenix
Irene Pretts, owner, Flip
Cheryl Salinas-Tucker, owner, Rouge Makeup & Nails
Michelle Schimeck & Kevin O’Connor
Kathryn Schumacher
Mary Schusterbauer
Rudy Serra
Jason Storms
Pete & Erica Thurbis
Dennis Whittie
Katy Wyerman
Matt Van Vleet & Jessica Seramur
Dennis Zoma, owner Ferndale Collision
Dale & Karen Vigliarolo, owner LakePointe Construction