Belonging & Wellbeing

I believe Ferndale is a community where all our citizens are welcomed and celebrated.   Ferndale has made great strides in its intentionality on diversity, equity and inclusion. The guiding principles stated in the city’s strategic plan are integrity, inclusiveness, innovation and inspired – these serve as the bold vision for our community. And while there are big ideas and issues to tackle, sometimes even little investments have a big impact on inclusion. For example, I was informed by a resident that Ferndale has a growing deaf population and they asked me to make city council meetings closed captioned. I was able to bring this to council and make it happen.

I will work to:

  • Ensure Ferndale continues to be well-known as a welcoming community for all residents, workers, and visitors

  • Promote economic inclusion for all residents, directly tied to affordable housing

  • Oppose and fight bigotry in all forms

  • Encourage the creation and development of neighborhood groups and block clubs

Maintain Quality City Services

I will continue to invest in improvements to ensure citizens have an open, accessible government with sound fiscal management. During my terms on city council, my leadership has helped the city return to stable finances after the 2008 financial crisis. 

Along with my fellow council members, we made the hard and responsible choice to manage the city budget, though it was difficult knowing the impact it would have on our workers and city services. Looking forward, I prioritized rethinking how to deliver services for cost savings and invested in technology to improve customer service to our residents.

I will continue to champion:

  • Maintaining a balanced budget that delivers on critical city services

  • A Strategic Planning Process that transparently aligns citizen priorities with investment

  • A three-year budget aligned with our strategic plan


Environmental Sustainability

I believe it is an individual’s duty to be a responsible steward of the environment .  In my personal life, my husband and I make choices that reflect this – using public transit and biking, recycling and composting, improving the energy efficiency of our home.  As a council member, I have incorporated sustainability and CO2 reduction goals into the city’s Master Plan. I have championed the backyard chicken ordinance, natural landscape ordinance, set energy-efficiency requirements for city buildings, solar projects, and non-motorized transportation. I actively supported the establishment and hire of the city’s first sustainability planner to accelerate the implementation of resident environmental goals. From eliminating city purchases of single use water bottles to requiring that new public buildings meet LEED (and similar) goals, I’ve made sure that Ferndale keeps sustainability top-of-mind.

My environmental priorities include:

  • Ensuring vulnerable populations benefit from the city’s investment

  • Reduction of municipal energy use

  •  Mobility advancements that reduce usage of gas automobiles

  • Stormwater management

  • Improving recycling usage rates and starting a restaurant composting program

Sierra Club

Housing Affordability

Our current and future residents needs and preference for housing are changing.  Many people want to live in Ferndale, but cannot afford it. The city needs to balance new types of housing options and price points so that people can afford to stay in Ferndale and not get priced out. Our seniors want to downsize, and stay in the community they love. I championed investment in the city’s Inclusive and Equitable Housing Study currently underway. Former Mayor Coulter convened a citizen-led advisory committee to participate and give input. The final outcome of the study will help guide future city decisions on policy and investment on what type, how much, at what price point and where we need to focus on housing for our community members.

I’m focused on:

  • Promoting development with price points that everyone can afford

  • Stronger enforcement on blighted and vacant properties

  • Explore potential shared housing specialist position with the Ferndale Housing Commission to better serve the housing needs in the community.

  • Accessible housing for older and disabled residents

  • Multi-family housing options (apartments, townhomes, condos, lofts)